• Purpose/benefits: Guide people through business processes (1+ entities) for CRM consistency, ease of adoption, stay focused, reduce training costs, increase user adoption.
  • General features: Started automatically when record is created; Process bar at top of forms; Can consist of 1..5 entities; User can switch to different process if has sufficient permission; Process stage (status) is saved so user can pause and continue later; Can enforce required steps; Can combine with field security, business rules and workflows; Can enable for any custom entity and 25 of the system entities; Can define Process Flow Order
  • Stages: Stages contain steps; Visually, steps are grouped by stage (1 stage in view at a time); Each stage is associated with an entity; Can have 1..n stages for same entity; Can add an entity used by an earlier stage ("Close Process Cycle"); Use can jump between stages
  • Steps: Consists of fields for stage/entity; Can use field’s label or custom label; Fields in steps do not need to be on a form; User can enter value for a field in the process or on the form; Business Rules defined for the form also affect fields in Business Process Flows; Field security and field requirement level are used by flows; Steps can be made required; A required step displays a red asterisk; If a field is read-only for a user, a padlock icon is shown.
  • Entities: When you add an entity to a process, must select entity that’s N:1 to the previous entity. E.g., ok to add Contact after Account;
  • Limitations: Code cannot be used to switch to a different process; Linear (no branching or conditions); Only 1 active flow allowed on an entity; Once set “Primary Entity” cannot be changed; Can have up to 10 active flows defined for the same primary entity; Can have up to 30 stages total; Up to 5 entities
  • Lookup fields on the processs-controlled entities store the process (processid) and stage (stageid). These are created after enabling business process flows for an entity.
  • Creating: (prerequisite)Enable Business Process Flow for an entity; Go to Settings > Processes, enter name, category, starting entity; Need to activate once ready
  • Flow editor features: Can set Stage Category for each stage (not displayed, used for reports/queries); Can set a step as Required; Can copy a flow using "Save As";
  • Security: Access to flows is controlled via Security Roles; Flows are initially available for admins and customizers;

FetchXml Query to List Process Stages

<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="false">
<entity name="processstage">
   <attribute name="processid" />
    <attribute name="stagename" />
    <attribute name="stagecategory" />
    <attribute name="primaryentitytypecode" />
    <order attribute="processid" descending="false" />
    <order attribute="stagename" descending="false" />