• Access Teams are lightweight teams aimed at high-volume sharing scenarios. With this feature, Microsoft acknowledged that creating traditional "Owner Teams" of users for record access can lead to performance and scalability problems when the number of teams becomes very large.
  • Creation and management of Access Teams can be automated through SDK code
  • Usage scenario: Your company needs to allow CRM contact record owners to add and remove team members to meet three main goals: 1) allow for fast "on the fly" record sharing with individuals across the company, 2) record ownership must remain with one person at the company and typically only that person and their management can view/edit the contact and 3) to avoid the time and performance overhead of creating owner teams and setting related security roles for each one.
    • You own a contact record in CRM that contains information that only a small number of individuals in your company should view and update.
    • Your company is working through a complex and sensitive set of issues related to the contact.
    • You need to select individuals from your legal, accounting and public relations departments to view the contact record (e.g., view contact details, read notes and attachments, see connections) and add information where necessary.
    • Your system administrator does the one-time task of creating the access team and adding the access team selection list (subgrid) to the contact form your group uses most often and publishes the form.
    • Access Rights for the access team are set to Read, Write, and Append To.
      • Company management and the CRM administrators decided not to add the other rights (Delete, Append, Assign and Share) to help keep the contact record safe and private.
    • You add members to the access team using the subgrid on the contact record.
    • Users on the access team can now take action on the contact record.
  • Access Teams set up steps: 1) Enable the entity for access teams (this can be turned off later), 2) Set up an access team template, 3) Add a subgrid to the entity form to view the team members, 4) Add members to the list (subgrid)
  • Can have more than one Access Team subgrid on a form

Deciding Between Access Teams and Owner Teams

With the separation of owner teams and access teams, there will be scenarios where each is the more appropriate choice. The following diagram highlights some key factors to consider when deciding which to use:
(Source: http://www.microsoft.com/en-sa/download/details.aspx?id=41190)


Implementing Access Teams in Dynamics CRM 2013
Access Teams with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013